Our Sponsors

Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance (HPCA) has for many years provided high quality services in the area of men’s health and wellbeing particular in raising awareness of prostate cancer through workplace programs and community engagement.

Adapting to the changing face of healthcare, we have expanded the scope of our service provision to meet a broader range of community, needs and concerns. We are now operating this new service under the banner of Procare Alliance. This enables us to provide a platform in undertaking a more generalist counselling and psychology service, community education and customised workplace programs.

Procare now offers a fully bulk billing service and our psychologists and counsellors offer a wide range of expertise and experience. Some of the areas for which we provide services include; mental health, domestic violence, family relationships, childhood issues, addiction and cancer support.

It is of note that the services we have provided in the past for prostate cancer such as counselling , awareness, information and support, has in no way changed but is currently operating under the name of Procare Alliance which embraces the broader scope of our other programs and services.