Licenced riders compete in various types of Scratch/Graded, Criterium, Kermese and Handicap style racing. At Hunter District Cycling Club, a rider’s Grading is performance based and is revised regularly throughout the race calendar year.

  • Riders may have their grade adjusted up or down as required with consideration to :-
    Level of competitiveness in a particular grade, resulting from successive top order finishes.
  • Inconsistent performances, illness, injury. long absence from racing, etc or inability to
    contribute at competitive level either during race and/or in finishes. However these will
    not be the only reasons for down grading Click Here for Full Policy

From December 1st 2013, results from other local club races deemed equivalent standard may be used as well as Opens, Invitations and or State events outside Hunter District club racing.

For grading on results from other races,  criteria to be taken into account may include factors such as

  • Frequency of rider participation,
  • Course & weather conditions,
  • Age Grouping,
  • Field Quality or Size,
  • Away or Home Club race comparison,
  • Race dynamics & outcome.

Adjustments are at the discretion of the HD Handicap Grading Committee at all times.  As best that can be managed, a rider profile will be kept to assist with any adjustments necessary.

An appeals process is available for riders seeking reconsideration with supporting evidence

Click here for latest Grade Sheet
For any enquiry Contact Club Handicapping and Grading Committee