NSW Masters Road Titles

Congratulations to the following riders who stepped on the
podium at the State Masters Road Titles:

Road Race: 1st place (M7) Rob Hadley, 2nd place (WM6) Kerrie Wakeling, 2nd place (M5) Brett James.


Criterium: 1st place (M7) Ian Lovell, 3rd place (M1-2) Lincoln Miller.

HEZ Long Race 20 Sep 2014

A Grade (100kms)N. RuksL. AmidyC.EdwardsS.Wevers
B Grade (90kms)N. JackA. PalmerC. WebbB. Fawkes
C Grade (80kms)M. LeeM. TamL. GraingerS. Virtue
D Grade (60kms)B. HayesT. MuckleJ. PriceB. Smith
E Grade (50kms)P. TurnerC. WickensS. Fityus

HEZ 6 September 2014

A GradeM Warner-SmithL GarlandM BurkeN Villiers
B GradeD ArthurL OliveP NobleN McDonald
C GradeM TamR RodgersP TurnerL Redmond
D GradeM LeeE MonkM MateM Parsons
E GradeP NewsomeL FityusC WickensS Field

Murray Walker Handicap 23 August 2014 HEZ


1st Rob Hadley
2nd Ryan Rogers
3rd Kenneth Boldery
4th Mitchell Davies

Fastest Time: Kai Chapman
First unplaced junior: Logan Olive
First unplaced female: Nicole Macdonald

Junior Participation Race

1st Mitchell Green
2nd Zane Mason
3rd Nikita Lindeskov

NSW Junior State Road Championships 16-17 August Wagga

The following riders represented Hunter District at the recent NSW State Championships – a great effort by all.

Sophia LINDESKOV (6th U9 Road Race and ITT)
Nikita LINDESKOV (16th JG13 Road Race and 14th ITT)
Lucie FITYUS (3rd JW15 Road Race and 10th ITT)
Lochie ROSE (12th JM15 Road Race a 11th ITT)
Stephen FITYUS (25th JM15 Road Race and 21st ITT)
Nicola MACDONALD (2nd JW17 Road Race and 2nd ITT)
Aden PATERSON (12th JM17 Road Race and 17th ITT)
Kai CHAPMAN (14th JM17 Road Race and 1st ITT)
Christopher GREENTREE (19th JM17 Road Race and 16th ITT)
Alex BAKER (21st JM17 Road Race and 15th ITT)
Logan OLIVE (23rd JM17 Road Race and 20th ITT)



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